Quality Standards
Unlike the industry norm of cutting for maximum weight retention, our manufacturing quality ensures that each stone leaving the factory has been cut to exact mathematical parameters, ensuring uniform weights in whatever diameter size required. This gives an added advantage to our jewellery manufacturer customers who are now able to cost finished jewellery pieces with greater accuracy. This also allows their design teams the freedom to now realistically conceptualize and create pieces previously thought impractical as they can be confident of the uniformity of each individual stone that we supply.

Our Sapphires are graded for clarity as per Diamond Industry parameters; first graded into the various grades of LC / VVS / VS / SI / I and then mixed into assortments acceptable or ordered by the customers. (The goods are however not graded into the sub categories i.e. VVS 1/VVS 2 etc.)

The colours are graded for saturation, hue and tone. The primary colours are graded from #1 to #12 with #1 being the highest colour saturation grade and #12 being the lowest.

The resulting brilliance due to this standard of cutting quality can be considered very high since our stones are faceted as one would expect a Diamond.

The Diamond technology that we use in our manufacturing process allows us to produce a high standard of cut, hence our claim that we produce “Diamond like Sapphires”.

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